1. Full digital design, parallel circuit structure for reliability enforcing, serial circuit design for convenient-production & maintenance. 

2. CMOS-Chip team, low power consumption< 90mA .  


3. Core CPU adopting ARM processor, support Cui hairdo work, high reliability, high effective algorithm, accurate positioning


4. MCU core-chip owns unique 96 bits ID, intellectual property protection  and protect for agents’ benefits.


5. Firmware update online whole-life for free, new functions adding at any time any where, your own-characteristics functions are supported too.


  • Complete same PCB ,no jump,universal exchange between PCBs,more convenient for producting and maintenance.
  • 10 bit AD sampling, sign-recognition accuracy to 1024 Level, even flying trace from insects(such as ant or  mosquito) can be caught completely. The resolution is over 8192*8192, even with 3mm pen, you can write so fluently and continuously, no broken line.
  • Redundancy functions Circuit, even several LEDs are broken, you can still write on SinoEview whiteboard so well.
  • Real two-point hand-writing
  • A lot ofl gesture-recognition functions, more convenient and wider application, as it takes full advantage of hand -this old but very real writing tool.
  • Meticulous and investigate materials.  Aluminum Honey-comb whiteboard, much flatter and more reliable, makes sure the whiteboard life to be over 8 years.
  • NANO PET Coating technology, double uses by only one whiteboard, no need exclusive dry-eraser, just the universal EXPO pen, which helps your fluent writing and clear wiping without any trace.
  • Brusged Aluminum outline frame, excellent quality texture, particular handmade.